I just love these because they are every day kind of photos. I seem to remember Jude was particularly ornery that day and so I put him in the bath by himself. I remember a young women's leader telling me once that there isn't anything water therapy can't cure and for some reason that stuck with me. I always cure my own emotions or stresses with a hot shower and my boys seem to be instantly healed from their woes whenever i give them a bath or a shower or even when we head down to the pool for a swim. Water i magic.
P.S. It was late at night when I took these so that explains the grain - but I kind of like it in this case.



I wrote a few thoughts on the R.Gardner Photographs Blog today and thought I would share those here also - along with the outtakes.

"Some days I wish for a big back yard with lots of grass and room for my boys to run free. Sometimes I feel as though my boys are getting gypped for only having a small patch of grass to roll around on.
Then, on a hot summer night, we pull out the blue swimming pool, pump air into it, and fill it with water – while the boys squeal all the while. Little feet jump inside, chubby fingers splash the water onto that small patch of grass and laughter fills the air. The evening sun hits those tiny little faces just right and suddenly my mind is flooded with all that has happened on this little patch of grass.
It was this patch of grass that my husband carried me over in my wedding dress after we were sealed together. I walked carefully over this patch of grass after giving birth to my first child and later my second child. We watched Jude ride his tricycle for the first time from this patch of grass. Maxwell a brand new, jaundice stricken, baby soaked up the sun on this patch of grass. Afternoon picnics, toes lined up while we wait for dad to come home, cloud watching, ball rolling, endless cuddles, and even times of meditation. It’s summer nights like these remind me of all that is good here on this little patch of grass."

A few notes: 
- Maxwell was saying cheese in every photo you see him smiling in. I about died when i heard that word come out of his mouth. He is officially used to the camera being in his face. lol! 
- I got Jude to look so deeply into the camera by asking him to think about how old mommy is - after which he responded with "Old enough." 
-Notice the progression of these photos illustrates the battle over the boat and who won in the end. Maxwell holds his own! 

Jude is 3 months shy of 4 years old and Maxwell is 15 Months old. 



 Maxwell is about 14 months now, he's close to walking but not quite there yet.  He is just so much fun though. I love how happy he is all the time! These are just some shots from one afternoon when he was being too cute to not be photographed.


 I recently bought a little utensil caddy to house Jude's art supplies and he was thrilled about it. Jude has really been expressing himself through art lately. He has been drawing things that actually resemble real life. Things like elephants, people, trees, clouds, grass, and the sun. It brings me so much joy to see him enjoy art like I do.


Fathers Day was a tad bit crazy this year, but I think Trenton felt loved. We got him a few gifts and made him a yummy dessert and ate dinner at his parents home. Trenton is an amazing father and his boys love him so much. I couldn't ask for better! Also, this picture kills me dead.